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About Us


"Bee an explorer"

 Almost every idea or project starts with a problem. For us, it started when we moved to the Woodlands, Texas in 2012. Our daughter who was almost 2 years old at the time, started having allergies. She would get fevers for no apparent reason. 

We had heard that a natural remedy to fight allergies was to eat honey which strengthens the immune system. On a trip to Yucatan, Mexico we discovered the most delicious wildflower, raw, natural Mayan honey, so we started feeding her a tablespoon every morning and another tablespoon at night.  Within a few weeks we noticed she was no longer falling ill. 

We fell in love with this honey and decided to find out more about the production and marketing of this varietal, so we flew back down to Yucatan and met with the beekeepers who still use traditional techniques from the Mayan culture.  

We found out that unfortunately in recent years bee colonies and honey production have systematically been declining. Furthermore, many of these beekeepers were not getting paid fair prices. So, we decided to take some action, bring this fantastic product home and share its amazing flavor and many benefits with you and our family while helping the Mayan communities prosper with fair trade practices and helping conserve the rainforest in the Yucatán Peninsula (Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana Roo).

You can find out more details on our responsible apiculture and rainforest conservation in  “We Give Back”